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This website is primarily a place for my personal writing. My business website is coming soon, and will obviously be the place to get more info on what I do…and ways that we can partner on things together. That said, I do want to make sure that if people on this site are looking to connect with me as a coach, consultant, or trainer…well, that is a thing. So, let’s do that.

Coaching, Consulting, Training

Yes, coaching, consulting, and training are each distinct ways that I work with people – and each is designed to achieve specific outcomes.

Coaching is a non-directive (meaning, I’m not telling you what you should do), and co-creative (we design the outcomes and strategies together) process. Coaching is a highly effective tool for identifying, preparing for, leading, and sustaining change in your context. These change processes might include starting a new business, improving leadership in your current job, accomplishing an elusive life-goal, choosing or changing careers, becoming more effective in personal or professional life…or achieving any number of other goals.

Consulting is a supporting process designed to provide perspective and resources to help clients improve their organizations, teams, systems, processes, etc. Consulting is a highly effective tool when the primary goal is maximizing the impact of what is already being done, or when additional support is needed for implementing changes. Good consulting often includes coaching at various points in the process. (Feel free to ask me why that is.) Most of my consulting work is focused on leveraging emotional intelligence, social & organizational psychology (particularly around motivation and change management), creativity, culture shaping and community development principles.

Training is designed to help individuals and groups learn and apply new information, new mindsets, and/or new skills. It is specifically beneficial when clients are seeking to improve their own individual and/or team performance in specific areas. This training may be pursued on its own, or as part of a larger coaching and/or consulting relationship. Contact me for more information on topics and areas of focus in training.


Education, whether obtained through formal or informal delivery, is focused on the pursuit of knowledge, awareness, insight, and understanding. It is a lifelong process of exploration and discovery. In any process of change, awareness is key – we are unlikely to actively seek change if we lack any awareness that change is needed, desirable, or even possible. However, awareness alone is insufficient. In the same way, education itself will rarely be enough to produce the changes we hope to see, but it always have an important role in the process.

Writing is just one of the ways I seek to educate. That includes articles on this or other sites, or through more traditional avenues such as books. I have also provided, am available to offer guest articles or other content for groups and organizations.

Program/Curriculum Development, Review, and Support – I love teaching. I also greatly enjoy (and understand the complexity of) developing processes for effectively delivering learning content. I am consistently working on creating new courses, workshops, training programs, or other offerings. Not only that, but I am always open to the possibility of collaborating with others – whether via full co-creation of new content, or as a consultant in the design, review, or implementation stage.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements – In addition to more in depth training and programs, I can also offer a broad range of shorter (30 to 90 minute) presentations, or educational / professional development workshops (from half-day to multi-day). While I have a number of presentations ready at a moment’s notice, I prefer to work with you to co-create precisely what is needed.


I utilize a number of different assessment tools as I work with individuals and teams. I find them to be most effective as part of an ongoing coaching, consulting, and/or training process. However, if you are interested in gaining deeper insights into yourself through an assessment and debrief process, here are some options that are available:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

I am a certified EQ Practioner, EQ Assessor, and Preferred Partner with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, which has developed the SEI assessment.

The SEI is an extensively researched, validated assessment of emotional intelligence. There are several different reports and tools available based on your responses to this one assessment. The SEI tools measure key emotional intelligence competencies that drive influence, decision making, effectiveness, relationships, health, and quality of life. Based on the powerful Six Seconds Model, these tools offer tremendous insight — but even better, they provide a roadmap for increasing performance.

This assessment typically takes about 15 minutes to complete online, and offers a wide variety of reports and tools that can be used to help you not only gain insight into your own emotional intelligence, but also design specific, detailed processes for increasing and applying your EQ more effectively.

There is also a SEI 360 version, which is completed by you and a group of people you select (friends, family, colleagues, etc). The SEI 360 is focused specifically on how you are applying EQ in your relationships and interactions with others.

Vital Signs

70% of organizational change efforts fail, primarily due to the
people-side.* How do you develop the insight to stay in the 30%?

* Freedman & Ghini (2010) INSIDE CHANGE

Vital Signs are statistically validated measures that capture key information about the people side of performance. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science, the tools connect people’s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.

The Vital Signs tool-kit includes the:

Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) – For individual leaders. It provides insight on leadership impact and effectiveness.

  • Outcomes: Influence, Efficacy, Design, Direction

Team Vital Signs (TVS) – For use with teams that work closely together. The TVS helps identify opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance.

  • Outcomes: Satisfaction, Results, Agility, Sustainability

Organizational Vital Signs (OVS) – For use with an entire organization – whether that is a local company with twenty employees or a global organizations with tens of thousands. The OVS measures key indicators of organizational climate across the enterprise.

  • Outcomes: Retention, Productivity, Customer Focus, Future Success

Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI)

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is the proprietary, research-backed assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future. With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, clients have the opportunity to reshape their attitudes and worldview and transform who they are.

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